#Behind the Glass

John Truax


1.      Name: John Truax

2.      Nickname: Rojo, (red in Spanish for the red hair and all.)

3.      How long have you been shooting surfing? In my group of surf groms growing up, at least one of us always had a camera or at least access to one, so we were able to film each other surfing just to improve our skills, around the age of twelve.  I took some long breaks from filming between now and back then, but just recently within the past couple years I have really fallen back in love with it.

4.      Do you generally like to shoot the same location? Or do you like to move around based on waves? I really like to travel to different waves, but there’s nothing like shooting at your own beach where you know all the great angles to shoot from.

5.      What kind of equipment do you shoot with? Describe your arsenal. My dream camera would be the Canon 7D Mark II, but due to financial constraints I currently shoot with a Canon Eos T2i. My favorite lens would be my Canon 125-300mm lens; as well as a Canon 25-125 mm lens with 3.5- 5.6 ISO for close up action shots or landscape and night shots.  I like to carry a compact tripod, as well as an external shutter release button for those long exposure night shots.  All of this fits snug in my camera bag and is therefore can be ready at a moment’s notice if I’m ever in a hurry.

6.      Do you shoot stills, video or both? Which do you prefer more? I shoot both, I think video is more appealing to watch for action or sports, but a quality picture requires discipline and timing for those things and should not be discredited.  For landscape and night photography I prefer stills all the way.  Nothing is better than a good photograph of nature.

7.      Are you a surfer? Yes

8.      What is your favorite surfpicture or video you have taken? Why? It was pretty hard to choose my favorite, but I really like this one of my brother.  More often than not my home break of El Porto looks like this, on-shore and closed-out, not to mention flat. I like this shot because we have to make the best of it, and right here my bro is doing just that.

"I like this shot because we have to make the best of [our home break], and right here my bro is doing just that."

“I like this shot because we have to make the best of [our home break], and right here my bro is doing just that.”


9.      What is your favorite non-surf picture or video you have taken? Why? This is a picture of some railroad tracks in my home town of El Segundo.  They had this blue tint on the top of them and I wanted to show that in this picture.  I am not sure why I like this one so much, but rarely do I get a shot I am as happy with as this one.

"some railroad tracks in my home town of El Segundo"

“some railroad tracks in my home town of El Segundo”


10.     Do you ever shoot from the water? Or us any other techniques besides shooting from land? Yeah, I have done some water shooting with a gopro, but have yet to get a water housing.  Once I get my new camera I will purchase a water housing.

11.      What is the most challenging thing about being a surf photographer? Staying on the beach and filming, while your buddies get shacked off their melons when its firing.

12.      Something you want all the surfers to know about being a surf photographer they may not know. If you think they might have taken a picture of you surfing, don’t hesitate to go up and ask them for a card, 9 times out of ten they have a website or can email any shots they may have got.

13.      What isthe most rewarding part of your job? Giving people shots they truly enjoy, whether it be of them or something I created.  Also I never want to work in an office, and hopefully this will be my way of ensuring that never happens.

14.      Any strange shooting stories or encounters? I was able to photograph manta rayson an island in Indonesia called Nusa Lembongan.  That was an experience I will not soon forget, these things had a 6 foot plus wingspan and were swimming right by me.  An unreal experience to say the least.

15.     Where can people currently see your work? (instagram, facebook, etc) You can follow me @RAPIDOROJO to see some of my work.  Also follow @ifilmusurf , they often post some of my shots as I shoot for them on occasion.


Things are Changing

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